"A Marriage is a promise that two hearts gladly make..."


I will conduct your wedding ceremony anywhere you choose,

that might be your favourite holiday location, a hotel, a stately home or on the beach.

I will work alongside the both of you to create that perfect day.

You may choose a semi-religious or non-religious ceremony which might also include symbolism and ritual.

The choice is yours...

As a Gift-Giver for Gift of a Wedding and The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation,

I will donate my services and conduct a Wedding Ceremony for people who have a terminal or life-shortening illness.


 *The Legal part of the wedding, which includes Declaratory words, Contracting words and the signing of the Marriage Register,

must take place at a Registry Office or Approved Venue in the presence of two witnesses before or after the ceremony*



Follow this link to view a surprise Wedding Ceremony


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